10lb 4oz Rainbow Trout caught at Bewl

Fly fishing is an amazing pastime/sport, it doesn’t really matter if you catch fish or not. It is a time to think, relax, unwind and appreciate the environment you find yourself in; but when that line goes tight and the rod bends it is a totally different story.  With an exhilarating experience fuelled by an adrenaline high that is only extinguished when the fish is safely scooped into the net, but sometimes there is a low as the fish escapes all your skill and attempts to net it. But that’s what fishing is all about and the reason why I am so passionate about it! I have been fortunate to have caught two 10lb plus fish at Bewl that I can honestly say produced all of the above feelings. The fish pictured below was caught on a green buzzer that I tied using part of a Christmas decoration. The green buzzer was part of a team of three flies fished on a washing line set up, the position of the flies was as follows a Booby on the point, a Diawl Bach on the middle dropper and the Robin’s Green Buzzer on the top dropper.  The retrieve was a very slow figure of eight and the take was explosive!

10lb 4oz Rainbow Trout


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