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Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly is a poem by Dave King an enthusiastic & passionate angler who manages to encapsulate all the feelings, emotions and expectations of every fly fisherman. Dave poem3


Cast Keeper & Box

Cast Keeper & Box

Don’t waste valuable fishing time, make a cast keeper and get your flies in the water sooner. It’s a good idea to make a box to protect the foam keeper and flies. Click the video link below to see how to make a keeper and box.


Blue Trout

Digital illustration of a blue trout caught at BewlBlue Trout6MF

Rainbow Trout – Digital Drawing

Rainbow trout caught at Bewl Water

Rainbow Trout  DrawingDrawing Produced in Photoshop


Hook Chart

Hook Chart
I had a lot of loose hooks and no way of identifying them, so I created a hook chart to make life a little bit easier. Hook Link                                                        Hook Chart  (Click link for large PDF Chart)