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Fishing Trip Bewl April 14th 2011

Bewl Trout April 2011

This was my first fishing trip of the 2011 season; the weather was cold, overcast with a 6 mph South Westerly wind. The water had a medium wave and a temperature of 110 degrees, ideal-fishing conditions.

At this time of year fish are close to the bank, so a good place to start if the wind is in the right direction is Chingley Wood, an area that I have had  success with in the past. I anchored the boat about 14 feet from the bank and used an intermediate line, counting it down until fish were located at a depth of about 4 feet. A variety of retrieves were used including fast and slow figure of eight, short and long pulls and a combination of all of these. The most successful was a slow figure of eight with a washing line setup and the most devastating fly was a Green ribbed tinsel Diawl Bach. This fly was responsible for five fish with some savage takes.

The cast consisted of the following flies – Point – Diawl Bach Booby. Middle Dropper – Fluorescent Green Headed Diawl Bach (2 fish), Hot Head Diawl Bach (1 fish). Top Dropper  – Green tinsel ribbed Diawl Bach (5 fish)

This was an excellent days fishing a limit catch of eight fish all were over 2lb and the best weighing 3lb 8oz taken on the Green ribbed tinsel Diawl Bach.

BEWL Fish MAP New Master2