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BBQ Trout/Fillets

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Why it’s a good idea to fillet most of your trout

Learn how to fillet your fish for the following reasons:
• Reduce the space taken up in your freezer
• The fillets defrost in just a few minutes
• Boneless fillets are very versatile and can be cooked in many ways
• They don’t take very long to cook
• You eat your catch before they become frost bitten/past their best

A good days fishing at Bewl

Before filleting

After filleting

How to gut & clean a trout


All of us have had blank days! When nothing seems to work and we return home fishless, but when we are fortunate enough to have caught some trout what do we do with them. I used to gut them and place them in the freezer; the problem with this is that they take a long time to defrost and you wouldn’t normally have time to prepare and cook one when you come home after work. So they stay in the freezer for a long time waiting for the right time/occasion to eat them. That is before I learnt how to fillet, once you have mastered this skill your catch becomes a very nutritious, delicious and easy to cook meal (without bones). They only take a few minutes to defrost and can be cooked in a variety of ways.

Blandford Flyer (an Interesting beer)

Blandford Flyer

I was wandering around Sainsbury’s the other day when as a keen fly fisherman my attention was automatically drawn to a bottle of beer called Blandford Flyer. I purchased a couple of bottles out of curiosity and was pleasantly surprised with its taste, if you like whisky and ginger ale then you will probably like this. It has a subtle warm ginger flavour with an element of maple syrup sweetness.

The beer is brewed by Badger to celebrate the infamous biting insect of Dorset’s River Stour; folklore claims the inspired inclusion of ginger was a remedy to the fly bite.